Wherever I walked
It was a path of wonders
Each and every detail had a story
That switched on a new form of emotion inside me...
Everything was so alive
So eager to share something
The doors, windows, walls, stairs, stones, flowers
I wanted to find a translation to all the things
Parading in front of me...
The smell of past
Was so intense
That I got lost in time
I saw many dimentions coexisting
They were so tempting...
My mind was stolen
To a feast of unimaginable possibilities
That moment was so enticing
I became a captive of that atmosphere
I did not offer any resistance
Because that was an extraordinary trip
Through the unknown...
My heart was talking to me
Like great friends do
Through the language of  perfect understanding
A language without alienation
Simple, transparent, pleasant, light
All of that changed the fingerprint of my choices
I've learned to see different
To feel different
To be different
My new me became fully aware
Of the grandiosity of the things
Which are not only the "furniture" of this world
But especially the reason why this "furniture"
Have been arranged in some ways and not in others
I got all the answers
For the first time
I could enjoy and celebrate the real beauty and intelligence of this existence
The way it deserves to be held in awe.

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