What a charming city Paris
People riding along the Seine river in ferries
Amazing monuments stand everywhere
Shinning and sumptuous
Could illustrate poems of Voltaire
The Basilica of Sacre Coeur
With its ancient Roman architecture
Is as famous as Time Square
The avenue of Champs-Elysses
Decorated with clipped horse-chestnut trees
It is one of the must sees
Elegant people in the streets
Find a good time to spend in the cafe seats
Savoring delicious croissants
Everyone wants to try it
Just like a group of debutantes
The Louvre
Is one of the world's largest museum
It is a parade of remarkable taste
Its  collection of paintings and sculptures is extensive
Each and every piece of art incredibly expensive
The Eiffel Tower
Is the symbol of France
The view from the top
Leaves you in complete state of trance
You will fall in love with Paris at first glance
Don't loose your chance
You will be so fascinated that
The Can Can you will feel like to dance!

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