An empty classroom for me
Has the same magic thing as an empty church
These places have a life on their own...
In this old classroom
 I can recreate vividly the dynamic of a school day
Students restless in their seats
The teacher reciting things
The sound of whispering voices all around...

We spend many years of our lives in a classroom
We growp up inside the place
Time passes, teachers are replaced
But we are there with the same purpose of learning...

But it is more than learning from the books
It is also cultivating relationships
It is becoming a personality
It is overcoming challenges
It is shapping the path of our future
It is building a pride
It is discovering hibernating skills/talents...

Some teachers have such an impact in our lives
The ones which teach with passion
Are destined to not be forgotten
Their voices reach deeper
They switch something inside us
That opens a whole new universe of possibilities
They touch beyond the minds
They are models of inspiration
Encouraging us to pursue our dreams
They believe in ourselves
Still when we don't know how to have that strong conviction
About what choices to make
Who we should be...

It is an amazing proccess of turning a caterpillar
Into a butterfly!

- Simone -

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