Happy Halloween
Tonight in the skies
There will be an enormous parade of witches
You may have never seen
Flying on their motorized brooms
Carrying black cats in their back seats
They laugh and laugh
Loud and loud
Of their ancient traditions they are proud
Wearing long dresses
Black and orange stockings
Pointed hats
And buckled shoes
Scary stories
In people's imaginations
They want to diffuse
Living in their haunted houses
The witches spent their days preparing potions
In enormous cauldrons they mix
All kinds of horrible ingredients
From rotten fingers to infected guts
They seem all completely nuts
When people ask them to use their crystal balls
They talk about prophesies
Which in Middle Ages
Would taken them to be burn in the stick
Accused of heresies
Witches in History
Have not had good reputations
Because of with the occult relations
It is unfair to say that they are evil
They are just old ladies
Trying to fly their brooms
As they have not any money to drive Mercedes
Witches have very colorful personalities
They come from all kinds of nationalities
They are creative
 Have amazing skills
Even if their lifestyle
Gives you chills
Don't forget that they can be more interesting and deep
Than the ones who live in Beverly Hills
Witches make the Halloween
Much more fun
They are not mean
Each one of them just want to be the entire skies the queen
They like to be playful as they were all teens
Laugh out loud, cook strange things, and bewitch people
Are the fingerprint of their genes
Lets celebrate the witches tonight
Let them make the latter hours pure delight
They start flying under the moonlight
Scary stories they will surely recite
They may look like frightening at first
But I assure you will change your mind
When in between them
You will break into a laughing outburst
They are very, very nice
They will invite you to visit they mansions
Overcrowded with ghosts
Offer you smashed spider's eggs with toasts
Show their libraries full of books with exotic recipes
And introduce you to their favorite guests
Count Dracula and Frankenstein
Also their collection of pests
What about vulture's nests?
Happy Halloween
Go out for your Trick-or-Treat
You never now if in one of the doors you knock
An old lady with a mole on the tip of a long and tortuous nose
Will appear holding hands with a ghost
And a cheer with you they will propose!


She was sleeping the deepest of the sleeps
Many doors opened in her mind of wonders
Each one had a different reality
Like different genders in movies
Drama, suspense, adventure, horror
She was the protagonist in all of them
Trying to keep the balance of her emotions
The flow of thoughts
Were very intense  and real
Colorful images
Powerful messages
A cyclone of mixed meanings
She slept for a thousand years
She never woke up, in fact
Her life was purely the reality of her many dreams
She breathed as she wanted to absorb all the smells on Earth
Her face had a heavenly expression of peace
For this sleeping beauty
There was no a kiss of a prince
That could bring her back to the mundane world
Her eyes could only open to her inner universe
Her emotions were chained to the invisible castle of her dreams
She lived and died
As silent as a blow of the wind...



Calm, serenity
Nature seems to be experiencing the deepest of the sleeps here...
The wind blows in slow motion
The water is unperturbed
Even the small animals decided to hibernate for the day
This way Nature can have an immaculate rest...
It is like a painting
Still fresh
Still intense in colors
This silence is a compilation of voices
Able to reach the labyrinth were souls hide
It is a world of absolute revelation
Because nothing has corrupted it yet

Heaven left its anchors here
Paradise of wonders
Perfect balance of a world
Where love and beauty met
And decided to stay together
For the length of an infinite existence

Secret garden
Where all conspire to live in peace
Because peace is the translation
Of all lasting understanding...



Give me a ticket
To visit your world
Let me read your stories
Learn about your dreams
Understand your confusions
Try to translate what you cannot say
Your choices contemplate
Sit beside your deepest feelings
Walk through your thoughts
Help you to untie your knots
I wanna meet the person you are
The child who lived inside you
The teenager who changed you
The grown up you wanted true
Laugh with you when you make yourself a fool
As you are so wise
For me each lesson from you
Will be a pleasant surprise
Let me watch the film of your life
Without make-up or disguise


In the secrecy of this soul
There are many beings
Each one engaged in a different role
Voices speaking a catalogue of languages
Conflicts of all sorts
So many doors to unblock
Heavy they are like a rock
Intensely felt like an electric shock
These many beings
Have distinct faces
Gifted with wonderful graces
Determined to walk toward different places
This silence is an island
Surrounded by many questions
Vulnerable to all sorts of suggestions
World of contrasts
Made of light and shadows
High lands and meadows
Hot and cold
Young and old
Rich with gold
Covered with mold
Transparent and untold
Calm and uncontrolled
Lost in translation
Prone to mutation
Hoping for salvation
Fresh in sensation
Land of aspiration
Inner transformation
Mood fluctuation
Dreams infestation
End of segregation
Thoughts inundation
Vulnerable to trepidation
Against indoctrination
Looking for emotional conciliation
Clear communication
Happiness and love perpetuation
Soul illumination
Life irradiation...


The statue had been wandering around the garden all night
She was a curious woman
Willing to unfold the many secrecies of darkness
She heard the whispering of the shadows
Witnessed the eyes of the moon
Flirting with the calm waters of the pond
The obscurity of things and beings
Fascinated her
She romanticized everything
The world she created in her mind
Was made of many colors
And many souls
At daylight
She was attentive to people
Found interest in so many blends of personalities
Proud for having always the biggest audience
She liked the way the mortals looked at her
Trying to unveil her mysteries
And admiring the voluptuous curves of her perfect
Shaped body
The birds were her constant companions
They used to sing for her all day
Some wanted to build little nests
In the corners of her folded arms
To create a bond with her many beauties

She liked to have butterflies
Decorating her hair
The bees feeding her lips with honey
And the rain refreshing her china skin
During the flaming summer seasons
The blue sky and the green earth used to reverence her
Impressed they always were by her undeniable magnetism
During the night she could brake
The chains with her paralysis
Running as free as a gracious gazelle
She simply could not resist to embrace
Lives beyond her own
She wanted to learn about other dimensions
She wanted to discover the backstage of life
The invisible forces
Mystical creatures
The voices of silence
After the long nomadic nights
She went back to the garden she lived
And fell asleep
While contemplating herself
In the mirror of the fountain silver waters
Tired she was
 But fulfilled with
Countless magic memories
Of her many travels
Across the vivacious paths
Of the witching hours...


Sit with me awhile
Lets share our stories
Lets built memory on this bench...
There is so much to say
So much to silence
...and still understand...
The intensely green trees and bushes
The vast blue sky
The birds and butterflies
All will be the witnesses
Of our moments...
Lets let the emotions run free
Like the stream of this lovely river...
Life can be this simple
This beautiful
This light...
Lets enjoy what we have
And make great wishes
For what may come...
Sit with me awhile
Feel free to be you
I will like that way!


The garden this morning
Was smiling at me
It was all excited to show its colors
Amazingly beautiful spree
The flowers were surrounded by butterflies and bees
Each one wanted to be seen
Contemplated, admired
What a magnificent scene
The grass was dancing
With grace and charm
Its green was intense and shinny
I could feel its perfume diffusing into my soul
Staying there all day became my priority goal
Nature is really a fanfare of beauties
It is incredible how it transforms
Into masterpieces of heaven
From day one of the week to seven
Gorgeous place
Lights up a smile on my face
Everything so alive
In your perfect universe I want to dive


The sky suddenly became very angry
The before light white clouds
Turned into heavy ones purple and gray
Colliding toward each other
Twisting with the force of the wind
Day embraced night
The blow of the wind intensified
The sky was roaring
Lightning stroke the defenseless ground
The whole atmosphere transformed itself
 Into a stage
For light and shadows to perform
The thunder sound was frightening
It made the city shakes
People run in all directions
Trying to find a shelter
Heavy rain came
As the clouds had an urge
To find a relief for their sorrows
The city had no choice
But surrendering to the storm
It was if the end of the world
Had been announced
After many hours of anger
The sky got tired
The heavy clouds dissipated
It finally found its peace
After expressing its intense emotions

The next day was born
With great sense of humor
As blue as ever been
The sun was proud of its splendor

Everything was calm
The streets were shinning
People's faces transparent
As everybody was in love
And eager to show that

It was the most radiant day the city lived
The storm fertilized a new life
A rainbow formed
Inside minds and hearts
 People changed for best
The storm washed away
Everything that was not good in essence
Giving space to a brandnew chance
To people reinvent their lives as
Something meaningul
Not only to themselves
But everybody else around them


Windows are the bridge to the world outside
They relieve anguishes
Give welcome to the rising sun
To the starry nights
To the silver rains
And butterflies

Windows set souls free
Give hopes
Show possibilities
Teach about solidariety
Take one's soul out of anonimity

A place without windows
Is absolute isolation
A life without a chance of living
A slow form of forgetfulness

If you don't have windows in your life
Build them
Conquer the fundamental right of being
Of breathing the blessings of existence

Windows are a portal to happiness
A chance for embracing
New destinations
Regain your faith in life
Rewrite a new destiny...


Behind the walls
There is a life
That pulsates all the feelings
Which you will never understand
There is a world to be translated
Veins carrying the movement of this existence
A mind populated by countless dreams
With deep desires to be seen

Behind the walls
Hide a being made in heaven
Who came to earth to be part of the human race
Have a voice
To be echoed out loud
Not to live suffocated

Behind the walls
Live emotions of all sorts
Emotions of love
Emotions of pain
Emissaries of great meanings
Great intensity
Great urgency to flow
To the open doors and windows
Of the other side of the wall

This prison
Does not allow me to breath my essence
Invisible I am
To a life that was granted me by the Lord

I am made of flesh
I am not an old ragged doll
To be forgotten in the corner of nowhere
I want to breath
I want to walk through other paths
I want to make my own choices
I want to touch lives
I want to leave my mark in this time
I want to write a story
Not only of challenges
But also of glories!




Morning red blanket
Announces another day
With absolute beauty it makes its way
The miracles of life must not delay
Heavenly flames of the sun
The sovereignty of the sky
Enthusiastically brings a brand new life
Its rays make cuts between the clouds as a sharp knife
Proud of its power
To fecund the ground
Its ties with the Earth are profound
The birds love the skies vastitude
It is an endless invitation for new possibilities
Even when the sky changes its mood
It is a prenounce of blessed food
Little by little the red layer dissipates
A new catalogue of colors antecipates
One half of the Earth retakes
Stunning turn the shinning lakes
A new day has come
It can be as delicious as a Japanese plum
It depends on the choices each one of us will make
The risks we will be open to take
And our willingness to the best of us