Behind the walls
There is a life
That pulsates all the feelings
Which you will never understand
There is a world to be translated
Veins carrying the movement of this existence
A mind populated by countless dreams
With deep desires to be seen

Behind the walls
Hide a being made in heaven
Who came to earth to be part of the human race
Have a voice
To be echoed out loud
Not to live suffocated

Behind the walls
Live emotions of all sorts
Emotions of love
Emotions of pain
Emissaries of great meanings
Great intensity
Great urgency to flow
To the open doors and windows
Of the other side of the wall

This prison
Does not allow me to breath my essence
Invisible I am
To a life that was granted me by the Lord

I am made of flesh
I am not an old ragged doll
To be forgotten in the corner of nowhere
I want to breath
I want to walk through other paths
I want to make my own choices
I want to touch lives
I want to leave my mark in this time
I want to write a story
Not only of challenges
But also of glories!


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