Happy Halloween
Tonight in the skies
There will be an enormous parade of witches
You may have never seen
Flying on their motorized brooms
Carrying black cats in their back seats
They laugh and laugh
Loud and loud
Of their ancient traditions they are proud
Wearing long dresses
Black and orange stockings
Pointed hats
And buckled shoes
Scary stories
In people's imaginations
They want to diffuse
Living in their haunted houses
The witches spent their days preparing potions
In enormous cauldrons they mix
All kinds of horrible ingredients
From rotten fingers to infected guts
They seem all completely nuts
When people ask them to use their crystal balls
They talk about prophesies
Which in Middle Ages
Would taken them to be burn in the stick
Accused of heresies
Witches in History
Have not had good reputations
Because of with the occult relations
It is unfair to say that they are evil
They are just old ladies
Trying to fly their brooms
As they have not any money to drive Mercedes
Witches have very colorful personalities
They come from all kinds of nationalities
They are creative
 Have amazing skills
Even if their lifestyle
Gives you chills
Don't forget that they can be more interesting and deep
Than the ones who live in Beverly Hills
Witches make the Halloween
Much more fun
They are not mean
Each one of them just want to be the entire skies the queen
They like to be playful as they were all teens
Laugh out loud, cook strange things, and bewitch people
Are the fingerprint of their genes
Lets celebrate the witches tonight
Let them make the latter hours pure delight
They start flying under the moonlight
Scary stories they will surely recite
They may look like frightening at first
But I assure you will change your mind
When in between them
You will break into a laughing outburst
They are very, very nice
They will invite you to visit they mansions
Overcrowded with ghosts
Offer you smashed spider's eggs with toasts
Show their libraries full of books with exotic recipes
And introduce you to their favorite guests
Count Dracula and Frankenstein
Also their collection of pests
What about vulture's nests?
Happy Halloween
Go out for your Trick-or-Treat
You never now if in one of the doors you knock
An old lady with a mole on the tip of a long and tortuous nose
Will appear holding hands with a ghost
And a cheer with you they will propose!

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