Give me a ticket
To visit your world
Let me read your stories
Learn about your dreams
Understand your confusions
Try to translate what you cannot say
Your choices contemplate
Sit beside your deepest feelings
Walk through your thoughts
Help you to untie your knots
I wanna meet the person you are
The child who lived inside you
The teenager who changed you
The grown up you wanted true
Laugh with you when you make yourself a fool
As you are so wise
For me each lesson from you
Will be a pleasant surprise
Let me watch the film of your life
Without make-up or disguise


ziba ghorbani said...

Simone, so nice of this your words. It shows nicely a more meaningful of relationship with people and places. I enjoyed, I would like to be your company in your especial journeys. Thank you azizam.

Simone Bittencourt said...

Thank you, azizam! Thank you for sharing your impressions and motivating me to keep writing. It means a lot to me, you know! It is my pleasure to have you in my life.