Calm, serenity
Nature seems to be experiencing the deepest of the sleeps here...
The wind blows in slow motion
The water is unperturbed
Even the small animals decided to hibernate for the day
This way Nature can have an immaculate rest...
It is like a painting
Still fresh
Still intense in colors
This silence is a compilation of voices
Able to reach the labyrinth were souls hide
It is a world of absolute revelation
Because nothing has corrupted it yet

Heaven left its anchors here
Paradise of wonders
Perfect balance of a world
Where love and beauty met
And decided to stay together
For the length of an infinite existence

Secret garden
Where all conspire to live in peace
Because peace is the translation
Of all lasting understanding...



ziba ghorbani said...

This your wonderful poem touched me a lot! You know how long I am looking for this serenity place!? Of course there are and we have found and enjoyed! But our wish is very wide maybe, we want more and more which can spread all world! I wish one day all come to know that how it is simple and amazing!
I hope we will meet each other there! Always I hope for great..... !
Thank you so much my very dear Simone!

Simone Bittencourt said...

Ziba, I agree with you! This kind of peace is so fundamental in the world all of us live in. Everything is so chaotic, so unstable, so unhealthy... Humankind does need to regain balance, otherwise we will not be able to enjoy a promissing future regarding quality of life.
I am glad to know that this poem spoke to you, you felt identified with it! Thank you again for sharing your impressions... they are always very welcome!