She was sleeping the deepest of the sleeps
Many doors opened in her mind of wonders
Each one had a different reality
Like different genders in movies
Drama, suspense, adventure, horror
She was the protagonist in all of them
Trying to keep the balance of her emotions
The flow of thoughts
Were very intense  and real
Colorful images
Powerful messages
A cyclone of mixed meanings
She slept for a thousand years
She never woke up, in fact
Her life was purely the reality of her many dreams
She breathed as she wanted to absorb all the smells on Earth
Her face had a heavenly expression of peace
For this sleeping beauty
There was no a kiss of a prince
That could bring her back to the mundane world
Her eyes could only open to her inner universe
Her emotions were chained to the invisible castle of her dreams
She lived and died
As silent as a blow of the wind...

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