The sky suddenly became very angry
The before light white clouds
Turned into heavy ones purple and gray
Colliding toward each other
Twisting with the force of the wind
Day embraced night
The blow of the wind intensified
The sky was roaring
Lightning stroke the defenseless ground
The whole atmosphere transformed itself
 Into a stage
For light and shadows to perform
The thunder sound was frightening
It made the city shakes
People run in all directions
Trying to find a shelter
Heavy rain came
As the clouds had an urge
To find a relief for their sorrows
The city had no choice
But surrendering to the storm
It was if the end of the world
Had been announced
After many hours of anger
The sky got tired
The heavy clouds dissipated
It finally found its peace
After expressing its intense emotions

The next day was born
With great sense of humor
As blue as ever been
The sun was proud of its splendor

Everything was calm
The streets were shinning
People's faces transparent
As everybody was in love
And eager to show that

It was the most radiant day the city lived
The storm fertilized a new life
A rainbow formed
Inside minds and hearts
 People changed for best
The storm washed away
Everything that was not good in essence
Giving space to a brandnew chance
To people reinvent their lives as
Something meaningul
Not only to themselves
But everybody else around them

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