The sky was staring at the Earth
Admiring its amazing vitality to make
New lives grow, blossom, and multiply
It could parade in all shades of colors
Be decorated with golden crops
Monumental trees
Gracious flowers
The Earth had the strength to be born from the ashes
Like the Phoenix from the Greek mythology
It could be beaten
Stripped of its beauty
But would always have the purpose of creating
Something from nothing
Above all, it had pride of being resilient
The Earth was also infactuated with the sky
By its sovereignty to rule
With absolute freedom
The sky had eyes everywhere
Could unravel all the secrets of the universe
It could embrace stars
Travel toward the most remote lands
Without losing its identity
The sky and the Earth
Were allies in the mysteries of life
Both shared beauties and storms
Light and darkness
Rituals and principles
Pride and honor


Children of war
Fear paralyzes their core
How they feel must never be ignored
A life of constant uncertainty
No food, no home, nowhere to go
Whatever they ask
Has only the same answer:
Many lose their parents
Their references of safety in life
In despair they dive
They need to learn alone to survive

How can they understand the adult's world?
Everything is so confusing!
The motivations, intentions, conflicts, perversity
Since very early in these kids's lives
All they witness is adversity

Children need protection, love, understanding
Caring arms to hold them
They starve for belonging
They are so vulnerable to cruelty
If they dont have anybody for them standing
Children will have the deepest emotional scars
Because everything that happens in childhood
Impacts a life forever
They might not recover ever!

The ones who become orphans
May be exposed to all kinds of abuse
Lost and confused
Emotionally bruised
Unfairly of wrong doings acused

Children of war
Live hungry, thristy, in pain
Many try to get help in vain
Only the ones which exploit them gain
They long desperately
To find in each person in front of them
Something humane

At any time
They can get a bullet in their brains
Lose a limb
Become paralyzed
All consequences of a brutal reality
That is absolutely grim
High rates of mortality
Stripped of morality
Immersed in irrationality

Children of war
Countless nights sleep on the floor
Each and every part of their tiny bodies sore
They dream about how good life was before
When their mothers used to tell them
How much they were adored
Now for everything they need to implore
Warmth is no more

I always think about their little round eyes
Pure expression of an agonizing fear
Between life and death
They stand on the frontier
The sense of abandonment is so severe
That becomes too hard to persevere
They would love to be again called dear
And have their loving fathers and mothers
More than everything else .... near!

After facing so much pain, famine, and disdain
In the middle of total chaos
They silently cry
Their little fragile bodies
Lie down to die

Forgotten on earth
Covered with dust
By an angel they are taken to heaven
Now they can finally live in love and peace
God makes their suffering finally cease



Three ladies planned to meet for a cup of tea
They were all apprehensive at certain degree
Long had passed
Since the last time they had seen one another
Though they knew each other well
If they were not dying of curiosity
 It was hard to tell

One was a blond
The other red haired
The third a brunette
All parading a perfect silhouette

One was Funny
The other Annette
The last one Georgette
They sat graciously in the restaurant
"La rue Lafayette"
Besides the tea
They ordered crepe Suzette

Shy smiles all over the place
Disguised in grace

In spite of being all short of money
The ladies were so beautifully dressed
Surely at their best
With beauty they were absolutely obsessed

Georgette, Annette, and Funny
Soon were at easy
Engaging in endless conversations
They were busy

By confiding to each other
The seasonings of their lives
They became as closer as bees in hives
The ladies had as sharp intelligence
As the butcher's knives

Georgette, Funny, and Annette
Straightened the ties of their friendship
By sharing all kinds of feelings and thoughts
They wanted each other well and happy in lots

Affectionate, charming, and sweet
About each others' personal struggles were very discreet
Every time they met
The moments spent together
 They promised never forget

After the crepe Suzette and tea
They went out for a walk
All they wanted was talk, talk, talk



The house was forgotten by its former owners
Nature witnessed everything
The days of glory
The days of ruin
When the people left
And after waiting patiently until the last human's vestige vanished
Nature decided to knock each and every crack of windows and walls
Then asked a strong wind to help her to make its seeds get spread in the soul of the house
The walls and the floor were completed eroded by the neglecting of time
The house was dark and cold
Depressed and old
But Nature had plans when sent the seeds inside the house
It has its ways to reinvent life where life is no more
Nature understanding the feelings of loneliness of the house
And that a house without a living being is a dead soul
Gave to the house another chance for breathing
The seeds got pregnant of little leaves and branches
Vegetation overflew every corner of the house
Climbing plants embraced the walls
Willing to heal the scars of forgetfullness
Suddenly, the perfume of life
Was all around
Sublime and inviting
The house became full of colors again
Flowers hanging on the ceiling
Looked like divine chandeliers
The rooms transfigured into gorgeous gardens
Little insets could not resist the temptation of visiting them
Through the little cracks of the windows
Butterflies and bees and caterpillars became frequent guests
Even birds by opening passages into the roof
Crafted tiny charming nests on top of lusterless
Pieces of furniture
Spiders engineered their webs
In front of broken mirrors
Creating extraordinary mosaics
Which could make humble the proudest of the artisans
Thanks to the visit of Mother Nature
The house now was the pure essence of life
It got back its playful spirit
And never again tasted
The bitterness of a lonely and empty existence.