Children of war
Fear paralyzes their core
How they feel must never be ignored
A life of constant uncertainty
No food, no home, nowhere to go
Whatever they ask
Has only the same answer:
Many lose their parents
Their references of safety in life
In despair they dive
They need to learn alone to survive

How can they understand the adult's world?
Everything is so confusing!
The motivations, intentions, conflicts, perversity
Since very early in these kids's lives
All they witness is adversity

Children need protection, love, understanding
Caring arms to hold them
They starve for belonging
They are so vulnerable to cruelty
If they dont have anybody for them standing
Children will have the deepest emotional scars
Because everything that happens in childhood
Impacts a life forever
They might not recover ever!

The ones who become orphans
May be exposed to all kinds of abuse
Lost and confused
Emotionally bruised
Unfairly of wrong doings acused

Children of war
Live hungry, thristy, in pain
Many try to get help in vain
Only the ones which exploit them gain
They long desperately
To find in each person in front of them
Something humane

At any time
They can get a bullet in their brains
Lose a limb
Become paralyzed
All consequences of a brutal reality
That is absolutely grim
High rates of mortality
Stripped of morality
Immersed in irrationality

Children of war
Countless nights sleep on the floor
Each and every part of their tiny bodies sore
They dream about how good life was before
When their mothers used to tell them
How much they were adored
Now for everything they need to implore
Warmth is no more

I always think about their little round eyes
Pure expression of an agonizing fear
Between life and death
They stand on the frontier
The sense of abandonment is so severe
That becomes too hard to persevere
They would love to be again called dear
And have their loving fathers and mothers
More than everything else .... near!

After facing so much pain, famine, and disdain
In the middle of total chaos
They silently cry
Their little fragile bodies
Lie down to die

Forgotten on earth
Covered with dust
By an angel they are taken to heaven
Now they can finally live in love and peace
God makes their suffering finally cease


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