Three ladies planned to meet for a cup of tea
They were all apprehensive at certain degree
Long had passed
Since the last time they had seen one another
Though they knew each other well
If they were not dying of curiosity
 It was hard to tell

One was a blond
The other red haired
The third a brunette
All parading a perfect silhouette

One was Funny
The other Annette
The last one Georgette
They sat graciously in the restaurant
"La rue Lafayette"
Besides the tea
They ordered crepe Suzette

Shy smiles all over the place
Disguised in grace

In spite of being all short of money
The ladies were so beautifully dressed
Surely at their best
With beauty they were absolutely obsessed

Georgette, Annette, and Funny
Soon were at easy
Engaging in endless conversations
They were busy

By confiding to each other
The seasonings of their lives
They became as closer as bees in hives
The ladies had as sharp intelligence
As the butcher's knives

Georgette, Funny, and Annette
Straightened the ties of their friendship
By sharing all kinds of feelings and thoughts
They wanted each other well and happy in lots

Affectionate, charming, and sweet
About each others' personal struggles were very discreet
Every time they met
The moments spent together
 They promised never forget

After the crepe Suzette and tea
They went out for a walk
All they wanted was talk, talk, talk


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