Candle of night
The moon in its utmost height
Solemn is its light

Creatures of darkness
Contemplate the moon as their god
Countless eyes
Hide between a curtain of fog

The magic spell of this celestial luminescence
Reveals the night deepest essence
Life's quintessence

Let the dream fly
In a blink of an eye
In this marvelous dark blue sky

Metamorphose of changes
Extrasensorial exchanges

This silent kingdom of mysteries
Is an open book of delightful stories

The dense forest's life
Is with the celestial beings closely tied
Secrets furtively confided
Dreams have constantly collided

The beauty of this marriage
Between moon and earth
Is the complicity they have shared
Since birth

An undisturbed understanding
Keep them together
Whatever is the weather

When the moon shines over the earth
Is the revelation of a glorious love
A nurturing gesture
A compassionate touch
This explosion of passion is never too much

Candle of night
Shows the antagonism between black and white
Sets free the inner light
Let the fireworks of this divine landscape ignite


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