That little seed
A woman carries into her womb
Is her secret treasure
The one that only she can translate
The language of this world of senses
This perfect bond
Between a mother to become
And a newborn to be
Before these two creatures have faces to one another
Inside the woman's inner self
There is the merging of the fluid of life
The veins and arteries share the same path
This fusion of fluids
Give birth latter to the encounter of emotions
The baby feels each and every vibration of moods
From the mother
And the mother feels the baby's reactions to her state of being

Mothers have pride
Of their offspring
This pure, mysterious, and complete identification is
Permeated with unshakeable unconditional love
The mother feels compelled to devote herself to her child
For a lifetime of countless sacrifices
To make this being who came from her
Happy, healthy, and successful in life
The gaze from a mother to her child
Is poetry, beauty, speaks volumes
Is protection, giving, encouragement
For the child is that certainty that she is safe
In her mother's shelter
Being a mother
Is a pledge of allegiance
In name of love
For this life that came from her
And she gave to the world outside
Good mothers should be eternal
As they master since the very beginning the so fundamental quality
Of this constant reinvention of acceptance, tolerance, and generosity
This world is so desperately in need nowadays...

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