It rains heavily
The streets are empty
It is very late
The city is sleeping peacefully
As a baby in a cradle

The ground shines
As the clouds cry it a river
The rain drops make a dense wall of tears
As their sorrows 
Were about to announce the end of the world 

The fields of grass around the city
Were intensely green
The rain made free
An irresistible perfume germinating 
From the deep roots of an inebriated soil 

The night was so full of life
Even busier than the urgent speed of the days
The little animals of the late hours
Seemed happy with the rain
It was like a festive time to them
Flowers and trees
Were in their best mood
Breathing new energy
To parade their many beauties
The street lamp candles
Were dancing like contortionists
Their luminescence was blurred
By the intensity of the rain
But still willing to postpone the darkness
With stubborn restlessness
At night
Every single thing is mystery
Is fascination
Is an endless blooming of radiance
While the day rests
The night celebrates
The wonders of an eclipsed exuberance


Don't cry mother
Don't lose your faith
The tribulations are many
But in your heart
Hope you must have always plenty
You are a fortress
Where I can feel save
You forever taught me to be brave
Your love I crave
I can feel your emotions
Even when you don't say
I care about your feelings a lot
When you feel sad
Inside me for you I pray
I want you to be happy without delay
Close to you I wish to stay
I know you give a lot of yourself
Even when you feel as empty as a cave
You give courage in spite of your many fears
You are compassionate even when you find no warm
In your moments full of tears
You are light in the middle of darkness
You are sight in blindness
Your essence is an ocean of kindness
Mother don't cry
Let me dry your eyes
Stand your face high to the skies
God with you has ties
You know
Unconditional love never dies
Let me try to make your winter a spring season
Bring back to you colors and perfumes
I want to fill you with intense life
For your emotions you never ever have
Anymore to disguise



Every single day
Rain or shine
The spider must build her web
Her survival depends on
The making of it

By instinct
The spider knows the intricacy of its engineering
She knows what works and what does not
She knows how to balance strengths and weaknesses
She has mastered the secret of its complexity

The web is made of twists and turns
It is a perfect combination of art and skill
A mosaic of beauty
The spider's work is endless
Her life is all about the purpose of multiplying
Before she goes
She must make sure
Her heritage will be honored by the next generation of little spiders
Her own seeds
Seeds she carries carefully outside her body
Very carefully
As she was in a house of crystals

Spiders are innate artisans
They create, build, sew, repair
They are wonders of nature
So much we can learn from them
Patience, diligence, perfection, resilience
Sense of elegance and delicacy
Sense of life 
Sense of purpose
Sense of love for what she does
And make grow
They know that the tomorrow depends of the making of today
That life is as fragile as her web strings
But still important
Still meaningful


In this room
Everything has a history
Each piece of furniture
Each portrait on the wall
Mirrors have seen all kinds of outcomes
Walls have heard voices in all sorts of tones
The carpets have felt the weight of indecision and uneasiness
The chairs embraced endless meetings
The chandeliers witnessed rise and fall of the inhabitants of the house
The house is impregnated with emotions
It can understand all the languages of feelings
Even the subtlest things....
It knows love
It knows hate
It knows pain
It knows healing
It knows the sadness of separations
It knows the explosion of happiness of the coming backs
Life breaths in everything
It gives life to things that had no life before
The wind that blows through the windows and doors
Brings the perfumes and vibrations from the outdoors
And takes with it, before leaving,
The seasonings of the atmosphere it encounters whatever it goes
Everything is a live experience
Everything has an energy that can transform us
For better or for worse
The path of life is made of opportunities and choices
To each opportunity a decision must be made
From each decision an opportunity comes on the scene
...and from them... life keeps going on
Engineering new scenarios and outcomes...


Ignored by all
She built around her a wall
People did not care about her emotional being
No matter how she tried to exist in front of them
She was not seeing
Forgotten and lost
Trying to make part of someone's life
She was exhaust
Too high was the cost
She decided then to live away
In a world without betray
In which her feelings she could display
Where there was a feast of joy every day
Her imagination gave her a new home
Cozy and warm
Every day was calm and sunny
There was no storm
It was a reality she could in all ways transform
Beautiful and smart
Golden heart
Eyes of an angel
She had to make her choice
That was the only way
She could have a voice
This way she survived
Her hopes were revived
How strong she was
She was surprised
She promised to herself
She would never again
Of love and happiness be deprived!