In this room
Everything has a history
Each piece of furniture
Each portrait on the wall
Mirrors have seen all kinds of outcomes
Walls have heard voices in all sorts of tones
The carpets have felt the weight of indecision and uneasiness
The chairs embraced endless meetings
The chandeliers witnessed rise and fall of the inhabitants of the house
The house is impregnated with emotions
It can understand all the languages of feelings
Even the subtlest things....
It knows love
It knows hate
It knows pain
It knows healing
It knows the sadness of separations
It knows the explosion of happiness of the coming backs
Life breaths in everything
It gives life to things that had no life before
The wind that blows through the windows and doors
Brings the perfumes and vibrations from the outdoors
And takes with it, before leaving,
The seasonings of the atmosphere it encounters whatever it goes
Everything is a live experience
Everything has an energy that can transform us
For better or for worse
The path of life is made of opportunities and choices
To each opportunity a decision must be made
From each decision an opportunity comes on the scene
...and from them... life keeps going on
Engineering new scenarios and outcomes...

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