It rains heavily
The streets are empty
It is very late
The city is sleeping peacefully
As a baby in a cradle

The ground shines
As the clouds cry it a river
The rain drops make a dense wall of tears
As their sorrows 
Were about to announce the end of the world 

The fields of grass around the city
Were intensely green
The rain made free
An irresistible perfume germinating 
From the deep roots of an inebriated soil 

The night was so full of life
Even busier than the urgent speed of the days
The little animals of the late hours
Seemed happy with the rain
It was like a festive time to them
Flowers and trees
Were in their best mood
Breathing new energy
To parade their many beauties
The street lamp candles
Were dancing like contortionists
Their luminescence was blurred
By the intensity of the rain
But still willing to postpone the darkness
With stubborn restlessness
At night
Every single thing is mystery
Is fascination
Is an endless blooming of radiance
While the day rests
The night celebrates
The wonders of an eclipsed exuberance

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