Ignored by all
She built around her a wall
People did not care about her emotional being
No matter how she tried to exist in front of them
She was not seeing
Forgotten and lost
Trying to make part of someone's life
She was exhaust
Too high was the cost
She decided then to live away
In a world without betray
In which her feelings she could display
Where there was a feast of joy every day
Her imagination gave her a new home
Cozy and warm
Every day was calm and sunny
There was no storm
It was a reality she could in all ways transform
Beautiful and smart
Golden heart
Eyes of an angel
She had to make her choice
That was the only way
She could have a voice
This way she survived
Her hopes were revived
How strong she was
She was surprised
She promised to herself
She would never again
Of love and happiness be deprived!

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