Don't cry mother
Don't lose your faith
The tribulations are many
But in your heart
Hope you must have always plenty
You are a fortress
Where I can feel save
You forever taught me to be brave
Your love I crave
I can feel your emotions
Even when you don't say
I care about your feelings a lot
When you feel sad
Inside me for you I pray
I want you to be happy without delay
Close to you I wish to stay
I know you give a lot of yourself
Even when you feel as empty as a cave
You give courage in spite of your many fears
You are compassionate even when you find no warm
In your moments full of tears
You are light in the middle of darkness
You are sight in blindness
Your essence is an ocean of kindness
Mother don't cry
Let me dry your eyes
Stand your face high to the skies
God with you has ties
You know
Unconditional love never dies
Let me try to make your winter a spring season
Bring back to you colors and perfumes
I want to fill you with intense life
For your emotions you never ever have
Anymore to disguise

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