Every single day
Rain or shine
The spider must build her web
Her survival depends on
The making of it

By instinct
The spider knows the intricacy of its engineering
She knows what works and what does not
She knows how to balance strengths and weaknesses
She has mastered the secret of its complexity

The web is made of twists and turns
It is a perfect combination of art and skill
A mosaic of beauty
The spider's work is endless
Her life is all about the purpose of multiplying
Before she goes
She must make sure
Her heritage will be honored by the next generation of little spiders
Her own seeds
Seeds she carries carefully outside her body
Very carefully
As she was in a house of crystals

Spiders are innate artisans
They create, build, sew, repair
They are wonders of nature
So much we can learn from them
Patience, diligence, perfection, resilience
Sense of elegance and delicacy
Sense of life 
Sense of purpose
Sense of love for what she does
And make grow
They know that the tomorrow depends of the making of today
That life is as fragile as her web strings
But still important
Still meaningful

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