There are certain places
Which carry something magic in them
They have a life beyond one´s eyes can see
The trees talk
The rivers dance
The sky flirts with the grass
The trails make choices
The wind whispers
It is a great deal
Of breathing positive energy
Energy in its most pure form
Living becomes so intense in these places
It is wonderfully captivating
All beings
Have their own dynamic
Everybody is so busy doing something
People, animals, plants
Growing, learning, building, moving
Feeling, thinking, discovering
Welcoming, raising, leaving
Some places leave deep marks in us
For different reasons
Even when we go away, far from them
Something from us stay
Something from the place comes with us
Is a forever bond
I think it was meant to be this way
We should never take for granted anything, anyone
We should be grateful
For the experiences we have the privilege or the luck to get
Because when the last blow of life passes
All what last
Are the memories
Of each and every moment
We walked through...