There was a time to run free along the streets
There was a time to fly kites
There was a time to jump puddles
There was a time when all kids got together to have fun
By enjoying the sweet silliness of childhood...
Then, out of a sudden...
Came a time of big turmoil
It was not safe anymore to run free along the streets
It was a time to find a place to hide
Now the puddles were made of blood instead of water
It became so difficult for gatherings
As people got lost in the middle of complete chaos
Mothers, fathers, siblings, relatives, children
The sweet silliness of childhood was gone
Children had to grow before their time had arrived to grow
Children had to deal with extreme changes in the family dynamic
Children had to face something very scary to them: instability, uncertainty
Children had to witness every day their mothers' faces with a paralyzed expression of fear
Children were caught in the middle of something they could not understand
Children lost their innocence
Reality became tough
Smiles gone
Schools gone
Playgrounds gone
Houses gone
Food gone
Dignity gone
In some cases even their entire family picture was gone
Far away and forever from their very eyes
Children of war
Orphans of happiness
Orphans of their right to be children
Orphans of a future
Some...orphans of life
Life that had colors
Life that had love
Life that had a tomorrow
Life that had freedom
Life that had life
The sound of bombs exploding replaced
Children's giggling
The blue color of the sky was replaced
By dark gray clouds of smoke
The many stories of each house, each street replaced by
Mountains of debris
Unrecognizable landscape
We know something is wrong
When children cannot be found
At places they used to play together
Something is wrong
When they no longer are disconnected from the worries of adult life
Something is wrong
When they arrive in processions in the hospitals
Something is wrong
When they are told that their mothers, fathers, siblings
Are no longer looking for them
Something is wrong
When people forget that they are children
That their integrity and innocence must be guarded
Something is wrong
When instead of smiling and talking
They cry with not tears
And speak in silence
They are still breathing, still leaving
But, in fact,
The child in them is no more...
The scariest thing about Humanity
Is when people no longer care about the fate of children
Then, we know, something is utterly wrong!

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