What a delight
To find notes in old books!
For me, it is the experience of being transported through time
And reach an atmosphere that is not my era
And be friends with a new someone from an old time
When I contemplate the handwriting
So many questions come along
I try to figure out the personality of the writer
I want to find somehow a way to connect emotionally
With the mysterious person who wrote the notes
It may sound strange
But this search through the unknown
Is wrapped in so much fascination...
It is really an exciting feeling!
It is like to be a resolute detective
Analyzing clues to solve something
That will prove extraordinary

While I have the book with the notes
That person will be forever part of my life
I like to think that maybe one day
We will meet in other dimentions
I like to keep the irresistible enchantment of it!


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