The village was located in a rural area
It was small and crowded
Life was simple
Basically hard work
The houses were little
Sparse furniture
The doors hardly closed completely
The windows were almost permanently opened
Unless during the heavy rains season
People of all ages
Used to walk along the dusty streets
Everybody knew everybody
There was a sense of family
Sense of values
Sense of companionship
Nothing was fancy
But everything was genuine
Words and attitudes
Warm atmosphere
People did not have education
But were educated
People did not have money
But were rich
Everything was an amazing combination
Of love, understanding, giving, and respect
There were no egos
No hard words
No hard feelings
No empty meanings
Nature was generous to people
As people were generous to Nature
The simplicity of everything was something
Life was lived in full interaction
Full awareness
Full wisdom
Time was never in a rush
It kept a slow motion pace
The village was a world of wonders
It had the eloquence of the pure of soul

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