Honor Diaries is a movie that tries to bring awareness about violence committed against women and girls in societies where they are seen as commodities and made responsible for carrying the "family honor". They live in such brutal environments where men have absolute power over their lives, bodies, and destinies. They are targets of psychological abuse, rape, female genital mutilation, torture, slavery, captivity, stoning, acid attacks, and murder. The perpetrators can be fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, husbands, sons, in-laws, community leaders, even mothers of the victims. When a  murder is committed in name of honor it is called "honor killing", though there is nothing honorable about it. In the most majority of the cases, the perpetrators get away with their crimes. It is absolute impunity. Women and girls in these very patriarchal societies and families live under constant terror, humiliation, and unimaginable oppression.
Though we are in the 21st century, it seems that certain values and traditions are still stuck in the Middle Ages. In my point of view, it is not a matter of culture or religion, it is about cruelty, ignorance, cowardice, and domination. Nothing can really justify these atrocities! These women and girls are born to live destitute of any rights. They are taken as objects to be traded, used, violated, and punished. Above all, they are stripped of their humanity!
Honor Diaries is a very poignant documentary also about women determined to fight against these horrific crimes. Women who decided to get together to find justice to the vulnerable ones and find a way to empower them to sit in the driver seats of their own lives and never be again exposed to the ignorance and cruelty of despicable men and other accessories of their crimes. The guests of this movie are very inspiring women, with power and wisdom in their voices and attitudes. Women willing to promote changes in their own societies.
We, as women, must empower others which are in vulnerable situations and victims of systematic abuse around the world. Women and girls must know that united they have power and the right of living a dignifying existence, be happy, choose what they want, who they want, when they want, if they want. Gender apartheid is unforgivable! Women and girls are not second class citizens! Women and girls are human beings. Women and girls must be the owners of their bodies, lives, voices, and choices. Nobody has the right to deny them their existence in a fair and inclusive world.


"It is a systematic institutionalized misogyny!" - Nazie Eftekhari