Violet and Daisy
Were born Siamese twins
Then sold by their mother
Who considered them unwanted beings

A woman named Mary Hilton
Bitter and full of stings
Took the babies under her wings
Relating to them just a pair of things

Using them as commodities
Mary exhibited  them
To the public eyes as oddities

Violet and Daisy grew up without a life on their own
Pain, fear, abuse were the only reality they had known
They were forced to learn to play instruments
Having to practice countless times without a stop
Exhausted every day they always did drop

Soon a new person arrived to the girls's lives
A brutal man named Meyers became their manager
He exploited the sisters mercilessly
In any way they could not go against him
As they were under the threat of sharp knives

He took them to appear in vaudeville circuits
Making a lot of money
Under the girls' expenses
If the twins resisted to do what he said
His behavior with them was all offense
Physical and psychological abuse
Were endlessly in use
Anything could be an excuse

The fortune the twins made
In their hands never came
Could not make use of what they earned
Because Mary and Meyers the fortune to their bank accounts turned
Violet and Daisy lived in the "Meyer's mansion" as maids
Being mistreated always under their abusers' shades

But when Violet and Daisy turned 22 
A very honest man step up on their side to be their lawyer
When the trial ended
All that real life slavery they lived all their lives so far 
Was finally over
Their upbringing had been so bizarre
Emotionally they would carry a forever deep scar

Now, for the first time 
They could live their lives as they pleased
They changed their hair styles 
Went to parties
Made many friends
Also some boyfriends
Always looking for a kind of  happiness that would never end

It is true that the Hilton sisters reached great fame
But their condition was much more a curse than a blessing 
Some problems were always the same
It was hard for them to have normal relationships
Because they were conjoined
The society judged them morally
And nothing seemed acceptable
To frustration and loneliness they were constantly susceptible 

In 1961 they got a public appearance in a drive-in cinema
But their tour manager abandoned them to their own fates
Misery and despair parked in front of their gates
They knew to play beautifully music, also dance, and sing
But now nobody wanted them anymore under the wing

As  time passed 
The reality around them changed
The sideshows appeal faded
And their show business career 
Never had again a promising premiere 

Unable to take care of their finances
And after being exploited to the core
The sisters from riches to rags 
Found themselves without a penny in their bags

Suddenly all the eyes on them 
Became indifferent eyes to them
It was too hard to find a part
And their lives completely fell apart
Success and fame did depart
Never again they could restart

They had to beg to have a place to stay
A plate of food to take away 
Only very few people helped them when they needed the most
Uncertainty had been in their lives always a ghost
In a grocery store they got a humble post
At least, they finally found a generous host

Throughout their lives
Violet and Daisy had not really had what all of us dream of
Happiness and love
Something to fulfill that emotional emptiness they carried within
They did not reach the joy of being
As if to be born each one a conjoined twin
Had been their ultimate mortal sin

One day
Daisy got a Hong Kong flu
Very sick she grew
The sisters aside from other people's eyes
Decided to inside their tiny room hide
Soon Daisy died

A doctor proposed Violet a surgery to separate them
But Violet refused
Being without her sister was no use
They had lived literally together all their lives
Connected even closer than bees with their hives

Two to four days after Daisy died
Violet passed away
So sad must had been also that day

It is impossible for us to understand
What being inside their shoes meant
A way to cope with their disability they had to invent
In their graves their unconditional love for each other
A generous soul carefully did cement


Blow wind
Take with you the sorrows of the world
Take away all the pain
Take them all with your power over all lands
All valleys, mountains, ocean, air
Blow everything that build shadows of darkness
Into people's hearts and minds
Free the world of this heavy load
Of lack of love, compassion, and principles
Free this world of things that ignite tears of sadness
Free this world of this cage of anguish
Blow as strong as you can
As far as you intend
I love to see the movement of your waves over the fields
It gives such a liberating feeling...
Blow... blow...