She thought about giving the speech of a lifetime
She walked to the stage
She looked at the audience
She gave a deep breath
But the words did not come

The thoughts got confused
The emotions overwhelmed

She had a lot to say
Her inner self was a world full of possibilities
Very dynamic, versatile, rich
But again, it stayed stuck deep there

Why people usually do not say what they have or want to say?
There are so many reasons...
Fear of judgement
Fear of being vulnerable
Fear of being one's self
Fear of rejection
So many fears, indeed! 

All of us live in two worlds simultaneously 
The world outside and the world within
Usually they are very polarized

In the world outside
Most of the time we have to use shields and masks
To survive the turmoil of stormy situations
Which challenge us to the extreme

But in the world inside
We can leave these shields and masks aside
They are not needed
We are safe, at home
We with our own selves
We can breath freely
No hesitation whatsoever
No need to chose the words to speak openly
No need to give the emotions a make up 
It is a world where all kinds of expressions are sovereign 

The way she came to the stage she left
It was felt as a personal failure
She walked away
Everything she did not say
Grew inside
No seeds were left to be spread to the outside

It was not that she gave up 
She just needed more time
To face her fears
And promote the meeting between her two selves 

When that finally happened
It was a blast
She felt as light as a butterfly
As strong as a rock
And happy as a new day
When the sun shines fresh in the horizon

People just need time, that is all!


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