Sometimes we may see life like this room here, in wretched conditions, falling apart completely . The scenario may seem hopeless, but at times, the best and the most revolutionary changes happen after a storm, a radical twist of life, taking us away from our comfort zone, our bubble of convenient paralysis. 
Yes, the ceiling is collapsing, the windows are all broken, the ground under our feet rotting, the walls losing their strength. The moment is so devastating, that demands us to face the reality and reflect about what might have happened to cause such a mess. Were we happy before? Were we making the right choices? Were we choosing well our relationships? Were we taking an attentive care of us? Have we forgotten our priorities, our happiness, our dreams to allow others around us succeed, be happy, have their dreams come true? A life does not crumble without a trigger factor, without a repetition of actions, without a lack of giving importance to what really matters! There is always something left behind, neglected in order to lead to such dreadful consequences! 
Take a deep breath. Sit down. Start challenging your memories. Bring back to your mind past events. Try to find patterns in them. Remove all the band-aids you used as a panacea and look at the wounds without disguises. Think about the days you said yes when you knew you should have said no. Think about the opportunities you lost because you were afraid of being exposed, or felt inadequate, or not worthy of them. Think about what you did or did not every time someone did not treat you well. Think about how much you forgot of yourself to prioritize other people's well-being. Think about everything that somehow made you feel less, lost, hopeless, sad, bitter, empty.
Now, look again around you and try doing something different. Bring back your inner energy and start removing out of this room everything that is useless, that is only there to block your way or make your movement difficult. Open a new space for you. Then, start collecting all pieces of shattered glasses to not let them hurt you anymore. Remove the curtains in front of you. Let the sunlight comes in freely. Now mop the floor. Remove all the dust, dirty, old things, and clean it until it starts shinning again. Make a brand new path to yourself. After all the cleaning and reclining, look again to the place, the scenario of your life. Now it seems a promising possibility for a new life, doesn't it?
Decorate your life with flowers, colors, aromas, positive energy, positive beings. Make of this place a welcoming place to you first, then others. Make a place where you really feel at home, not an intruder or a fish out of the water. Make it pleasant, beautiful, cozy. Bring light and freedom. Build your second chance to be happy and fulfilled. Be yourself, live your essence, your truth.
Then you will see that you not only engineered a new home, but also a new self to you. Breath and live. It is your new beginning and the sky is the limit! Good luck!