Inside me
I am many characters
They constantly challenge me
To be my essence
To the world outside
I am a dream maker
A light catcher
A matchmaker of my own destiny
What I feel transcends
All layers of life
I am a person with no disguises
A woman
Who creates new colors and patterns
To the kaleidoscope of reality
I am not afraid of being me
Because everything I am
I gave my very best to create
No matter tears
No matter fears
No matter judgments
No matter obstacles
I am my own invention
My biggest conquest
I want to go far and above 
My soul has the ambitions
Of a fearless explorer
I want to open all the gates of love and happiness
Reinvent them
Get lost in their charms
Follow them down the river
Up the mountains
Across deserts and forests
With the breath of the wind
Love and happiness are my legacy
I want to be free
I want to be me
I want to fly
I want to reach the core of the sky...
-Simone Bittencourt Shauy-

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