In my dreams
I hear voices
That bring back
The meaning of my choices
I have a chain of thoughts
Which count my gains and losses
My desire to thrive it reinforces
I am a force of nature
With an explosion of energy
Life is in my veins
Like a wild horse
Without reins
My eyes search for a light
That will take me to other dimensions
Worlds in constant transformations
Path of illuminations
My essence speaks the language of love
It embraces souls of all sorts
Blend with me
To discover your destiny
I am a real person
Building castles of sun and flowers
My heartbeats increase along the hours
While dancing through the nights
Between shadows and the castle towers
Come with me for a while
Lets our thoughts and emotions reconcile
Lets get lost
In the flow of who we are
 We can dream very far
Nothing can set us apart
Because love catches us off guard
Everything can become a great deal
Until all that got lost in translation
Finally be revealed...
-Simone Bittencourt Shauy-

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