Don't try to silence kids
We have important things 
To learn from them

Their minds are fresh
Their thoughts come in torrents of creativity

Kids are as authentic as can be 
Free souls
Not tied to any convention

Their natural innocence
Make them original to the core

Children have the honesty
Grown ups lost
No masks, no shields, no make ups
Just plain honesty

They love a good laugh
That can last for hours in a row
The reason why?
Nothing in particular
They seem to have fun
Even with the sound of it!

Kids don't need great possessions
To see value in life
Old leaves
Little stones
 A hill to climb up
These things are enough
To feed their ambitions
Because they live the moment
Not days or weeks or months ahead
They embrace life
Made of seconds, minutes
Fractions of time

They don't mind to walk in rags
Have dirty hands and faces
Kids are innate adventurers
Eager to explore everything around them
With the thirst of passionate scholars

Let them be free
To be who they want to be
This kind of freedom is rare 
And must be savored to the core of the bone
Before maturity steals it forever...

-Simone Bittencourt Shauy-

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