The landscape was immaculate white
The snow had fallen heavily
Winter arrived bitter and merciless
Dry trees with their twisted branches
Paraded nude
Along the now vulnerable woods

Some animals without food supplies
Went to hibernate
Small creatures had no choice but facing
The unforgiving weather
to fight for their own survival

Throughout the winter
The sky standed gray, unremarkable
Nothing but a melancholic expression
Birds flew low and made agonizing-like sounds

People on the streets used to hide behind
Heavily armored coats
Only showing an expression of apathy in their eyes
The coffee shops got overcrowded by mass of individuals
Looking for some warm to placate the cold that hit hard their bodies

Mounts of snow piled everywhere
Making the back and forth of pedestrians and vehicles
Incredibly hard

But still
The landscape was beautiful
The season
Still charming
And life still
Worth of living...

-Simone Bittencourt Shauy-

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